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Helping people start their empowering and healing journey of connecting with the stories of their Ancestors through Genalogy and building their Genealogy Tree...

Denise Soler Cox, co-founder of Project Enye

I can't say enough positive things about my experience working with Iris. Not only is she a consummate professional, she was genuinely excited to go to work uncovering my family history and answering long-held family questions that I thought would never get answered. She is extremely talented at what she does. The book that she gave to me at the end of her investigation is and will continue to be a family treasure passed down for generations!


Nicole Hernandez, founder of The Traveling Hypnotist

“Irisneri helped me reclaim my family’s story on my maternal grandfather’s side. She diligently combed through old records to unearth so much. I never even knew I had ancestors in Chihuahua. My grandfather had only shared stories of growing up in America so I’d always felt disconnected from my Mexican roots. I think her services serve as a beautiful gift that benefit the entire family.”


Aida I. B.

I found Ms. Alicea to be a compassionate person, who had a deep understanding of her craft; “Searching for Your Latin Roots,” She drew me in with her simplicity and honesty. Needless to say at 80 years old, I have developed a 6th sense of reading how people are.My curiosity was piqued, I messaged her because I wanted to find several relatives. I was pleasantly surprised with how much she found; with the little information I had given her! During our conversations we became friends. I am looking forward to the next virtual conference and to perhaps meeting Irisneri someday in person.

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Shelley B., founder of Breathe & Reboot

While I was excited for my session with Irisneri to learn more about my family history, I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming emotion I would feel when she began walking me through my family tree. To see faces and names I've never heard before and know they were my family, my blood, well, it's hard to put that experience into words. I was in awe. Sadly, I know very little about my ancestry prior to my grandparents. We don't have many records or photos. Most everyone who could tell me anything is gone. So the information Irisneri shared with me is priceless.

Irisneri pours her heart and soul into her research and it's clear that she loves her work. The information she provides is both fascinating and healing.

If you are at all curious about your family history, then you will DEFINITELY want to work with her!


Miriam D.

: Iris has unraveled a sweet part of my roots. Confirming passed down family information , while discovering the unknown. It’s been a total adventure. We were able to go back four generations confirming my 🧬 DNA. She has met my family in documents and photos and we have become family...we might even be distant cousins-to be continued...Iris and I have decided that I am going to send her my wish list.. it’s a long one but she tenderly is willing to discover it! What’s your wish list?

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Maria Garibay, from Insightful Babes Podcast

As a latina entrepreneur I struggled with understanding myself, never understood where my entrepreneurial side came from, but that was until Irisneri helped me. Uncovering my family’s history and their achievements allowed me to understand myself more, and my family’s historia is something that I will always cherish. Descubre tu Historia is what everyone needs, and I can honestly say that with Irisneri by your side you’ll uncover your family’s story, and discover tu historia.



Finding my roots was an adventure I did not expect to be as fascinating as it turned out. The thoroughness of what I received amazed me. I had previously attempted to discover my heritage and couldn't get very far. An added benefit was the classes and hints of where to find sources to research.

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Alexis A.

It was an emotional and eye-opening experience to work with Descubre Tu Historia. She really tells a story of your ancestors and allows you to be transported away. I think her experience with Puerto Rican archives is what really impressed me. My goal was to find someone with experience and resources and I could not have been more happy with my choice.

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