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NEW! Descubre Tu Genealogy Private Facebook Group

When I say this has been a long time coming, I mean it from the core of my heart. I have had my mentor and good friends always saying "Iris, have you thought about a private facebook group ?" and finally it is here!


I have always said this is a journey of connecting, of empowerment and healing, for many of us. Especially for you who has been desiring to know more, to find the truth; to connect with the culture and country of your ancestors, but held back; you are looking for more clarity why certain things happened the way they did or you want to connect to that person you never got to meet. This community is for you, for us and I can't wait to see you there.

There are many amazing Facebook Groups out there for Genealogy, but what is the difference with Descubre Tu Genealogy?

The difference with this group this is for every Latino and Latina no matter where they are from in Central, South America and the Carribbean. A community where we can gather and you get to ask your questions and get answers from someone like me a Professional Genealogist. A place that I can help guide you to where the resources you are looking for are or guide you to the people that can help, if I am not able to. A place where you will meet many of us that want or have started this journey but need that support, because as many have found this can be a very emotional and powerful journey.

Also there are some perks!

  • It will be an easier way to share information about the resources that I find and will be kept in the files section of the group. For you to access when you need to.

  • Special office hours just for you where you can jump on and ask your questions. I will announce them with one week heads up at least so you can submit your questions ahead of time, but live questions will be welcomed.

  • First dibs on special offers, and discounts before it goes public.

  • Special lives with invited guests that can give more insight on resources and tips, but also guide you through the emotional aspect that comes with the journey. And share their own experience in Genealogy.

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