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Fourth Step: Personal Family Collections!!

Okay, yes you are probably going huh? Personal Family Collections are personal photos, diaries, journals, bibles etc...

If you have been brought up in a Latino household chances are that you have probably seen the big Catholic Bibles, my Abuelita has on, well did you know that it was customary to record family events in them? Like baptismals, marriages and burials with names and dates. From that Bible alone dependeing how long it has been in your family you maybe able to get information on multiple generations!

Photos?! Remember before cell phones there was a time when your Mom would order a whole bunch of your school pictures and send them to the Abuelos, Tias, Tios and Primos?! Well in the back of photos most people would write names of the people pictured and the dates and sometimes location information. So if you know of a family member that has a box or a suitcase like my Abuelita full of old photos start looking through those and reading the back. Also if you remember the Third Step which is to talk to our familia this could be a great ice breaker and can get the stories flowing.

I don't think these are as common in the Latino culture but you never know, journals or diaries are also a great source because you get information directly from the source. Also look for those old Wedding and Baptismal invitations and the Funeral Cards.

So if you have done Steps One through Four gather and organize your information. Stay tuned on the platforms that I personal recommend to start building your Genealogy Tree!

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