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Brick Wall!? What Can You do if You Are Not Finding Anymore Information for your Ancestor?

Have you gotten to a point in your tree that you are just not getting any further? First you want to make sure there are collections available for the time frame and place that you are researching. If you have verified that then here are some strategies that can possibly help:

1. First in Hispanic Genealogy it is important if you can, to identify the great aunt/uncles and their children your 1st cousins, why? Because records such as Baptismal and Birth records may contain grandparent information. So if you have not expanded down to them, try doing this.

2. Take all the documents for your Ancestor and every document that belongs to them or are mentioned in, such as their children’s records and grandchildren’s records list them in chronological order and transcribe or write the important information from this record. This strategy is extremely helpful, because you are looking at the documents more closely. When you go through the Chronological list and read what you transcribed, it allows you to see your Ancestor’s lives as a story. You will catch discrepancies, you will also most likely catch details that you may have missed that can help with further research. This method will also allow you to see what records you are missing and then you can focus on finding that record.

3. Pay close attention to who are the informants in the records, who are the witnesses and godparents, very often these were close family members.

4. In the census records, look at the neighbors! Families very often lived in clusters and this is a great way to look for close family members.

5. Look at the range of years that your Ancestor lived and do some History research, this method also is a great way to get insight into your Ancestor’s life and what they lived through.

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