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A Digital Heirloom?! An Amazing Gift to those Building our Legacy through Genealogy

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links please know there no additional cost to you. Money earned just helps me keep on going with my mission to help more and more Latinos experience the empowering and healing journey of reclaiming their family history.

One of the other very common questions that comes up once you start your Genealogy research is, what do I do with all this information? and how to do I make it accessible to my family?

So you have started your Genealogy research and have accumulated great information that you want to share with family members. At the same time this has gotten you thinking, what do I want to live behind? If I could speak to my descendants what would I say? I have so many pictures and videos where can I store these where my descendants can see our story? and in turn give them the gift of knowing us in a way we would have only dreamt of knowing our Ancestors. Also a place that my descendants could have access 100 years from now, literally a digital heirloom.

Our solution to that problem is Ancestream, a tool developed by Genealogists that have themselves had all those questions and found the solution with the future very much in mind.

First what to do with the Genealogy Research? Ancestream allows me to create a family tree and store all the information I have collected for my ancestors. It is a very secure place that I alone have access to and the only people that get access are the ones I allow to have access to that portal.

Our next problem...What do I want to leave behind and where can I save it for my descendants? Ancestream allows you to upload your pictures, videos that you have in your phone and store all those amazing memories. The other amazing thing? For example I can give my Mom access and she will have access to her own profile that I would have created and she can upload her own memories and videos!! You can give access to who ever you wish in your family.

What I would give to hear my grandmother's voice and Ancestream allows us to leave that priceless gift to the furture generations.

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