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Descubre Tu Historia

Helping descendants from the Caribbean, Central, South and North American former Spanish colonies start the journey of healing and empowerment through the knowledge of their Family History

Genealogy Services


Free 30 Minute Consultation 

In these 30 minutes we can talk about your research goals and/or also cover any questions you may have about Genealogy Research.  This is your time and opportunity to speak with an expert and get those burning questions answered. Or if you are looking for research services you can book with me to see how best I can help you. 

Focused Family Tree Research

Minimum 10 hour research for people that are doing their own research but need that extra help. Whether it is to help break through a wall; make sure that the information found is correct; help get more information on a specific Ancestor. 


Tree Building Research Services

With a combination of online and onsite research a Tree will be built of your family. It will require close and careful analysis of vital, church & census records. Packages are available depending on the scope of the investigation with payment options. With this service all the research and gathering is done for you and the end you will have a digital and one hard copy of a beautiful narrative report with images of all documents and also pictures if found. 

For more information you can book a consultation.


About Irisneri Alicea Flores

Like many Professional Genealogists, Irisneri got started with her own family. After a lifetime of love for history and listening to the stories of her maternal Abuelitos, growing up in the 1940s in Puerto Rico and then their experiences when they moved the New York City in the 1950s, she decided it was time to start the search. That is how her journey started, expanding more on her maternal side and helping her grandfather find answers about the father he lost when he was four years old. To meeting through documents her paternal grandparents whom she never got to know. She finally understood more about her paternal side and was able to empathize with her father in a way she never had before. She learned more about the history of her island of Puerto Rico that you don’t always find in schoolbooks. Then she shared and saw the gift of watching someone connect with their ancestors and heal through this knowledge. That is when her mission and dream was born, now Irisneri dedicates her life to help others connect with their ancestors, empower and help them heal through the knowledge of their family history.

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